Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Time for update! [with tons of pictures and words]

I have to ask you for an excuse for posting so so rarely. And thank you to all who started following the blog meanwhile! Thank you!
Прощавайте, че не съм писала толкова отдавна и много благодаря на тези, които започнаха да следят блога в това време! Благодаря ви! За жалост просто не мога да подредя нещата на два езика тук (за сега), ако желаете, разгледайте снимките във Фейсбук, под които го има и текста на български.
So what did i do in those few months? I usually go to the university on time to time, i prepared a portfolio for another application (i want to change the subject but i won't tell more because I'm still not sure where i will be accepted). Meanwhile i work as a waitress, enjoy my new camera and a bunch of lovely old lenses most of which i got as a present, i try to learn to play the guitar and keep on rummaging for interesting books, films and .. shoes :) I started a new little tumblr blog to share what i like, write or photograph so if you are interested in my interests you are welcome ;D
Soo.. This is what i wanted to show you.
A book? Well.. not exactly.

My project was inspired by Ray Bradbury's "Fahrenheit 451". If you haven't read it yet, i can only recommend it (as well as anything else by Ray Bradbury).
The concept is explained on paper and glued to the cover. Here I will just mention a few key words which will give you an idea of what it is about.

"Fahrenheit 451" - a 1953 dystopian novel by Ray Bradbury. The novel presents a future American society where reading is outlawed and considered to result in antisocial behavior. Books are the major reason for a non-compliant with the system thinking and acting. Chasing, burning and destroying the left books is a task of firemen.

"Damnatio Memoriae" - is a Latin phrase literally meaning "condemnation of memory" in the sense of a judgment that a person must not be remembered. It was a form of dishonor that could be passed by the Roman Senate upon traitors or others who brought discredit to the Roman State.(Definitions quoted from

The torn heart represents literature, art and any spiritual heritage without which our world would be the dark and lonesome place Bradbury describes in his novel. It represents also emotions and memory which are invariably bound together and step by step build the human identity.

The wreath is made of paper, as well as the books, the book case is balsa wood aand the heart is made of polymer clay.

I hope I did not bore you!