Friday, January 27, 2012

The Pursuit of Cake-iness

Look what I saw today! A microscopic snail was sliding along my pencil and was eager for something. "Hey where are you going?" I asked it. It didn't even look at me while responding - "Haven't you seen what is on your eraser ?"
Какво видях днес! Един микроскопичен охлюв се плъзгаше по молива ми и изглеждаше нетърпелив за нещо. "Хей, къде отиваш?" го попитах. Той дори не ме погледна докато ми отговаряше - "Не си ли видяла какво има на гумичката ти?"

. . . on my eraser!? What.. Gee! A cake!
nа гумичката ми ли?! Какво.. Лелее! Торта!

Ok, buddy. Let me help you... There you are.
Чакай, приятел. Сега ще ти помогна. Ето те.

(happy munching)
(щастливо примляскване)


  1. Еха, Веси - много сладка история! Следващият път ще ми трябва яко zoom за да ги видя ;) Поздравления!

  2. Muy divertido, me encanta.
    besitos ascension

  3. Благодаря, Гери! Thank you Ascension, Eliana and Marina! :)

  4. My goodness, I just found your shop on are amazing! I am charmed and simply speechless by your work. May I ask, are you speaking Ukranian? I speak Russian, but can only make out words here and there...sorry if too personal:)
    Pressing the Follow button now!
    Love that little snail, by the way:)
    - Irina

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  6. Спасибо Ирина, very very much! Actually it is Bulgarian, I might understand a little Russian аnd Ukrainian as both are Slavic but not much! :D I love your blogs too > follow :) Glad to meet you!

  7. Thank you, Veselina...I'm sorry, Bulgarian! Yes, seeming similarities, some words sprinkled in! Thanks so much for following and the kind words.
    So nice to meet you too:) You are my second Bulgarian blogger friend! I love how the world shrinks in blogland. I was actually born in Odessa, so we share the bordering sea...
    - Irina

  8. Страхотна публикация. Продължавай в същия дух!

  9. <3 :) Поздравления за това, което правиш! :) Твоят блог е единственият, който не е свързан с картичкоправене, в списъка ми с блогове. :)
    Най-новият ти Follower. :)