Sunday, November 13, 2011

New Rose Garden Cakes

Hey everyone! I wanted to show you my new designs for the 'Rose Garden' cakes :)

This one is a custom ordered cake - when I remember how scared I was to make copies of old works for custom orders! And actually it isn't that hard to remake something. Of course it cannot be the same but it is still pretty... I think ;D
I love these vertical-layered cakes. I must have told you but: people, go and see the lovely blog of Dimitrana who makes the most beautiful cakes and who has actually inspired me to miniaturize the 'striped' cakes!


  1. Tus pasteles son hermosos, preciosos
    Un abrazo

  2. Thank you everyone! <3
    Nina, the blue one is my favorite too! ;D

  3. The nice thing about miniature sweets is that there are no calories!

  4. Страхотни са, като фини бижута!

  5. Cakes look great if they were painted. Fabulous, congratulations. I would like for someone to have such an occasion cake. They look delicious and the colors themselves are like babies' garments. I wonder how long it takes to make these cakes. Hope often share with us here.