Friday, June 24, 2011

Candy Cathedral

I think I mentioned I'm applying to the university this summer. Two years have passed until I decide what to do. I was sure I want to go to the university but believe me I was the most disorientated and hesitant person in the whole world - I wanted to study biology, art history, nutritions chemistry, architecture, jewelry, dental mechanics, for a short time even music with piano, psychology, film, graphic design...I had just gone mad. However, in the end I decided to apply for architecture because there is enough science and enough art in it as well as art history, design studies and drawing. I am very excited about it and hope my enthusiasm will stay with me even in the hard times :D

So I went to an interview with a 3-D task and portfolio and they accepted me. Now there are still some details (like a month as a practitioner on a construction site) but I think I will be a student (I hope, I hope, that's better to say).

Here is one of the drawings I made for the portfolio - just decided to show you as the chosen St Basils Cathedral is an absolute eye-candy. I drew it in the future.. or may be after aliens abducted it because they liked it lot..

And of course here is some edible inspiration from two culinary artists.

By Pastry Chef Troman Felizmenio (see the article here)

By Rebecca Rhodes. Isn't it just amazing!! See her more photos in her website here!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Did you see that?

I almost forgot to show you this . I made it for an interview for after I received a very kind invitation from Rosi You can read the interview here (if you can't read Bulgarian you can use Google). Hope someone finds this tutorial useful! ;)

Почти забравих да ви покажа това. Направих го за интервю за след като получих една много мила покана от Роси Можете да прочетете интервюто тук и се надявам този нагледен урок да е полезен за някого! :)

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Cake, cake, cake.. let them eat cake.

Have you seen anything else but cakes in my blog? I doubt it :D I must try to make healthier food some time.

This one is a loose set. I like the butterfly, it is supposed to be a greeting card or some kind of paper deco.

And tea party necklace :} Everything is available in my ETSY

♥ ♥ ♥