Saturday, April 30, 2011

Aaanother cake preparation

Here is the 'biggest' preparation table I have made so far. May be you are tired of looking at these but no worries - this is the last one. I bought the furniture long time ago aand just painted it. I wasn't so sure what to do with it.. However, I really love the shabby look in other than white! :)
What else.. I'm busy making a portfolio for a university application, taking some art classes, looking for a place to work for a month and meanwhile I'm mini making and listing stuff in etsy. BUT mostly I'm eagerly planning the free time during the summer.. ;)))))

Now I'm away to look for fancy cups and tea pots for guess what...

.. a miniature tea party!!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Decorating scenes

Recently I made those two preparation boards and one 'big' preparation table which I will show you in the next post. I'm just crazy about prep boards, I don't know who invented them but she/he must be of genius! I'm just dreaming of a whole miniature kitchen, I hope I start making one soon :}
And I feel a little sorry I did not make any Easter miniatures this year (sigh). Just the time for miniatures is getting less and I prefer to stick to non-holiday foods which I can make, take photos of and list at any time without hurrying.. mmmhmm :)
Have a wonderful Easter time! ♥ ♥ ♥

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Rose Garden in Green

A long time ago I made this 'Rose Garden Cake' and when I did I thought it was the prettiest cake in the world (haha) and I loved it so much I thought of not selling it ever... But things change and now I have another favorite :D And the Rose Garden had just been sadly staying in a drawer for more than a year. So it was time for it go out and get listed.

Now when a customer asked me to make her the same rose garden in green tones I got a little scared.. I had never made a cake in green and blue but in the end I think really love the result. Commissions are great thing, I wouldn't have thought of making such cake myself!