Saturday, November 27, 2010

Giveaway! Подаръци!

This is my little Christmas gift to you. A peppermint candy wreath and my favorite little cookies. You can win them by just leaving me a comment under this post. I'll draw the winner (one winner, this time really!) out of the comments next Tuesday/December 7. Then I will send the miniatures in the next one-two days and they are supposed to reach you before Christmas :) Good Luck! 
Това е моят малък коледен подарък за вас. Венец, украсен с бонбони и любимите ми мъънички сладки. Можете да ги спечелите като просто ми оставите коментар под този пост - нямам никакви други условия. Ще изтегля победителя следващия вторник/7.12. След това ще изпратя миниатюрите до един- два дни и би трябвало до Коледа да са при вас :) Успех!

Friday, November 26, 2010

More Wreaths and Cookies

My wreath obsession continues.. I like making these, they get prettier with time. But I need to stop making any kind of Christmas miniatures because I have enough for years forward lol :D One of the wreaths you're seeing twice but it's because I like it better.
Моята мания по коледни венци продължава. Мисля че стават все по-хубави! :D Но трябва да спра да правя каквито и да е коледни миниатюри. Вече имам достатъчно за години напред. Един от венците виждате два пъти, но просто ми харесва повече.

Aaand lots of tiny cookies.  It's not much of a style preference that all my backgrounds are gray, it's the camera which just can't take any darker or bright colored background.. eeh ... I'll keep trying though :D
И много малки сладкии. В снимките ми преобладава сивият фон, но това не е заради някакво стилово предпочитание, просто фотоапаратът ми не може и не може да снима хубави снимки на тъмен или ярък фон.. Ехх .. Но аз ще продължавам да опитвам все пак :D

By the way do not miss the wonderful giveaway at Rosanna's blog who is having a blog birthday :) Росана раздава подаръци в блога си, който навършва две години, отбийте се и вие да поздравите :)

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Miniature Birthday and a SALE!

I was looking at my photos when I thought.. It must have been a year since my first polymer cake. And it's true! I do not know when exactly my 'birthday' is but this photo of my first cake was uploaded in DeviantArt on November 16th soo before it's too late I should notice it.  The cake is.. uhm... pretty large..  :D 
I had bought polymer clay to try making some beads. Then looking for different techniques I saw the work of Kim (fairchildart), Stephanie Kilghast (Petit Plat) and Betsy Niederer (GoddessofChocolate) in DeviantArt and I was just awestruck! I had never thought this is possible! I really adore the work of these ladies, this is what made me go mad about miniatures and to try making mini food myself.  

And here comes the best of it! To celebrate my one year birthday I'm offering you a COUPON in ETSY until December 4th. The coupon code is:

Write it in Etsy Checkout and you will get 10% off the original price.
I have a 12% off Promotion at Dawanda too for a few days, don't miss to see it! :) 

I have very little time for blogging but soon I'll catch up with your posts. Thank you to those who wrote me for your comments and the support, hope you all are feeling happy and healthy wherever you are :)


Monday, November 22, 2010

Christmas Coffee Table

One of my most favorite things to make in miniature are coffee tables.

Coffee is something special for me. I do not mean this morning cup of black caffeine-containing liquid which helps me leave the world of dreams for another 15-16 hours (well, I'm exaggerating a little)..

It's about the simple pleasures - a good book, lonely walk in park, warm blanket, cup of coffee/chocolate/tea (you name it, everyone has his own rituals).. It's about a piece of time spent without worries and stress, without ambition and struggles. For me such moments are a blessing.

And in miniatures life should be perfect so these moments can last forever. My moment is a quiet afternoon spent with a good friend in a good chat with cookies on the table..  :) 

Friday, November 12, 2010

Yule Log Cake

Легендата за произхода на тази торта 'Бъдник' гласи, че Наполеон Бонапарт забранил на парижани да палят камини и огнища зимно време, за да предотврати студения и замърсен въздух, за който се смятало, че причинява здравословни проблеми. Но изобретателните френски пекари създали сладкиша като символичен заместител на домашното огнище, около което се събирало семейството по време на празниците.
Аз направих две малки торти, а се надявам да успея и истинска да направя за Коледа.
Вижте как направих малките гъбки в блога на Димитрана.
А вие какво специално ще направите за Коледа? :)
The most famous legend about the origin of this French cake tells that the great Napoleon Bonaparte of France prohibited Parisians to use their fireplaces in order to prevent the cool drafty air that was thought to cause medical problems. But the ingenious French bakers created this cake as a symbolic substitution around which the family could gather during the holidays.
I made two miniature cakes and hope to make a real one for Christmas too :) See how I made the little 'sugar paste' mushrooms in Dimitrana's blog.
And will you be making anything special this Christmas? :)

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Gingerbread Village - picture heavy post

Now is turn for my gingerbread houses to be shown. Lots of peppermints and chocolates, cookies and biscuits... and cotton candy from the chimneys! Do you feel Christmasy already?
Just one more photo.. These marzipan snowmen won't find a better place in my blog posts than this here, between the houseys :))

Friday, November 5, 2010

Christmas Jewelry

Some of my holiday jewelry. First, finally I made some cupcakes. I'm preparing also another design of cupcakes but it still needs a few more touches.
I have also two gingerbread men with gum buttons and scarfs hung on sterling silver earhooks and red velvet cake with peppermint candies. They are already listed in Etsy.

A gingerbread housey with lots of candy, chocolate and sweets as a pendant. I love it.

And the angelic Raffaello candies. I adore this waffer-coconut-almond mixture and don't they look like snowballs? Beautiful earrings. But they are hard to make - I got corns from cutting these flakes ;D

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Christmas Wreaths

Мore Christmas goodies :) I made some wreaths. My favorite is the one with the gold sparkling balls, I just love how it turned out.
I want to make more and very untraditional ones but may be later. I need to pay attention to other projects as well as jewelry :)
Today I received a note from Rosella who received my package. I'm really happy she enjoyed it! :)
Направих няколко коледни венци. Любимият ми е този с блестящите топчета, много ми харесва как се получи. Бих желала да направя повече и дори по нетрадиционни, но може би по-нататък. Сега имам да довършвам няколко проекта и малко бижута :)
Днес също така получих и писъмце от Росела, която е получила пакета ми. Много се радвам, че толкова и хареса! :)