Monday, October 18, 2010

Puking Jack O'Lantern - Giveaway running

Hi everyone! Thanks to all who left me comments to enter the giveaway (which is still running until the 22.10!). I'm very eager to find out who the winner will be! And I don't want to answer you personally there as the winner will be drawn from the comments  -> Of course, Facebook doesn't matter that much. Sometimes I even feel stupid about making all those pages and showing off around but I hope you understand.. I need to increase the traffic to my shops if I want to go on with mini making so I just thought you can help me.. or I made you help me :D One more time thanks to everyone who wrote me there and here, big mini hugs.
However, I'm here now to show you my only Halloween mini and I'm off to make Christmas cookies. Here you see the poor puking Jack O'Lantern from polymer clay. Someone asked if these are sesame seeds - I didn't think of that! - but no, the seeds are clay. The pumpkin is hollow and looks very very miserable and nasty. If I had bottles I would lay them around and write 'know your limits' or something like that. I'm a little late for Halloween but I listed Jack in the shop..

I totally lack creativity on the spooky themes.. There was a contest in DeviantArt called 'Spooky Crafts' in which I wanted to participate. But the crafty thing must be darn SPOOKY.. I thought a lot and made up nothing. Just 'spooky' talks to me nothing. If you say 'dark', for example, I'm sure my melancholic nature will have more motifs to pull out and eventually may be will create something.. But 'spooky'..?? Oh, doesn't really matter, I'm starting my Christmas preparations! Will show you soon.
Благодаря на всички, които се влючиха, за милите коментари тук и във Facebook (ако нямате акаунт там наистина няма значение). Победителят ще бъде изтеглен на 22 така че има още време да се включите, като оставите коментар под онзи пост, ако досега не сте. По-горе виждате единствената ми Хелоуинска миниатюра. Горката тиква изглежда много нещастно, досега не бях правила подобно нещо.. :D И все пак не е много оригинално, мен ужасно ме няма на темата 'призрачно'.. :D А сега изчезвам да правя коледни сладки, скоро ще ви покажа.


  1. A mi me parece muy espeluznante tu calabaza, seguro que podras sacar mas trabajos asi.
    De todos modos estoy deseando ver tus trabajos para Navidad!!!
    besitos ascension

  2. Poor little buddy... that's heartbreaking... (lol). By the way - in which shop did you list him? I couldn't spot him at your DaWanda-shop neither among the sold items... am I blind? ;O)


  3. Great Jack O' Lantern and a very good idea. I can't wait to see your Christmas preparations.

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. Ah, Birgit you are not blind at all - it is in the Etsy shop -
    For some reason I haven't listed a single miniature in Dawanda, may be it's a mistake, I don't know. Thank you for the comments! ♥

  6. hahaha.. Puking Jack-O-Lantern..I love it!!!! :D

  7. Puking Pumpkin, too funny! Please count me in!
    -Kim :)

  8. Dear Kim, please write me a comment under that post with the giveaway:
    I will draw the winner from the comments. Thank you!

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