Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Giveawaaay! Подаръциии!

It's high time to make a giveaway! There are a lot of reasons for one - you are already 131 and besides that at the moment this blog is my only connection to crafters and miniaturists. My miniature journey would be a very lonely business if I hadn't started it... So, a big heartily thanks for being here! :] 
I wondered a lot what to make for you and decided this to be .... another autumn set and, of course, a box of macaroons! And as I love and make jewelry too I decided to add to my present a pair of cookies earrings! I really really hope you like them and participate.

To enter my giveaway all you need to do is:
1. Be a follower (not an anonymous one)
2. Join my Facebook Group
3. Just leave me a comment under this post.
There will be one winner and we'll have a random drawing on the 22 October - enough time for everyone to see this post and gets included.
Good luck!

Крайно време е за подаръци! Поводите са много - вече сте 131, освен това блогът ми в момента е единствената ми връзка с хора, споделящи хобитата ми. Ако не го бях започнала, миниатюрното ми пътешествие щеше да е доста самотно занимание. Така че, голямо сърдечно благодаря, че сте тук :)
Наистина дълго се чудех, какво да направя за вас и накрая реших това да бъде.... още една есенна миниатюра и разбира се, кутия с френски макарони. И тъй като обичам и се занимавам и с бижута реших да добавя и обици към подаръка си. Много много се надявам нещата да ви харесат и да участвате.

Ето какво трябва да направите, за да се включите:
1. Трябва да сте последовател на блога (не анонимен)
2. Присъединете се в групата ми във Facebook
3. Оставете коментар под този пост.
Ще има един победител, който ще изтеглим на 22 октомври - времето е достатъчно всеки да види поста и да се включи. Успех!


  1. Veselina - your work is so beautiful! The fall colors are gorgeous and I would so, so love to win! :)

  2. Veselina, que gran regalo para tu sorteo, es una verdadera preciosidad.
    Me encantaria participar.
    Ya estoy en tu pagina de Facebook.
    besitos ascension

  3. Леле, какви обеци! Винаги се възхищавам как проектите ти изглеждат толкова реални. Направо да си хапнеш от тях! =)

  4. Just found you´re blog, but loving it allready. :)

  5. What a wonderful idea, a giveaway. And to think I couldn't like to love this blog any more :D

  6. ООоо искам всички подаръци :) само, само за мен :)

  7. Подарьк-какво по-хубаво
    от това?
    Аз да ти се оплача
    и и кьпинки и др
    обаче ми
    мие силна фурната ем
    на 50С на най слабо.Ама що уроци
    изгледах,не се отказвам..
    Чао и лек ден
    и усмивки...

    е включих

  8. Твориш наистина прекрасни неща!

  9. Congrats for the followers and for this give away!
    Please let me enter!

  10. Ooooh, all of them are so pretty! *-* The cookie earings stole my heart. <3

  11. цък,
    ех да имам шанса, да спечеля...!

  12. Please count me in for your wonderful giveaway. Congratulations for your followers. Hugs :o)

  13. I'm new to miniture food but love yours. It's some of the best I've seen! I love love love your egg ring, its so cute and clever :)


  14. i join!! well, i'm a regular reader of your blog, but i never give any comment...sorry :(

  15. getting into the autumspirits , very nice
    the maroons are cute. nice lill box you've made ;-)

  16. You have amazing minis, and I love reading your blog cause it always inspires me! :)


  17. Another great find! Thanks for sharing your amzing talent and hardwork with the world! I would so love to get such exquisite works from you! Oh, and I'm Verdell on Facebook... Haha~

  18. Открих страхотният ти блог в предизивкателство на Двете Елши - Кухнята.Уникалният кекс:)Когато разгледах и всички останали твои произведения, останах без дъх.
    Творенията ти са невероятни, уникални!Желая ти много вдъхновение и все така да доставяш наслада на очите ни:)

  19. I didn't know you had a blog! I need to pay attention more...
    Followed + joined the FB group (Antonica Jones) ^_^

  20. Hi Beautiful give away i am a follower and i have joyned your group!! I ho po to win your giveaway, i love it!!!

  21. I love your work and would love to participate. I don't do facebook though.....I hope that doesn't matter too much!

  22. I have discovered your work and blog some time ago and I find you are very talented.
    I would love to enter in your giveaway, however I don't do facebook. I hope you won't mind too much.

  23. Бързам да се запиша и започвам да изпитвам късмета си! Ако обаче, той не проработи на 22-ри ще си остана с утехата един ден да направиш прословутата въртележка, за която бленувам в предишена публикация (хи хи.)Все пак, да не забравя да отбележа, че с огромно удоволствие надничам в блога ти!Дерзай!

  24. Thanks foy your give away!
    Please count me in :-)

  25. Bonjour ,je découvre ton blog , tes miniatures sont très appétissantes ! Bravo !
    Moi non plus je n'aime pas facebook désolée !pas grave !

  26. wish I had facebook.... but your work is amazing!! glad I found your blog :)

  27. Your minis are wonderful. You can count me in to your draw.

  28. I've been following your posts here without an account and on dA. But, I'd love to own some of your art, so count me in on the draw!


  29. Творенията ти са прекрасни! Вдъхновяват ме пак да се занимая с фимото, въпреки, че не творя точно миниатюри! Радвам се, че открих този блог!

  30. Great give away...Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog this evening..

  31. Que maravilloso haber descubierto este blog donde hay tantas cosas hermosas que admirar.
    Me gustaria poder participar en el sorteo y tener suerte.
    Lo anuncio en mi blog.

  32. thanks for such a wonderful giveaway...please count me in...thanks...

  33. Hi Vesi,

    thank you so much for joining my blog - that gave me the chance to find yours. I'll be glad not to miss your newest posts from now on... ;O)
    I'd like to take part in your wonderful giveaway, but I must admit that I'm not on facebook - I hope you can count me in anyway. But I'm going to link your giveaway on my sidebar.


  34. Congratulations for your followers! I am one of these. I like your giveaway and I put it on my blog. Please count me in!! Thanks from Rosella

  35. Este regalo alegrará a quien le llegue. Es una preciosidad.
    Cuenta conmigo para el sorteo. Gracias.
    Besos Clara

  36. Congrats & and please count me in! I was already on your Facebook list:~)

  37. Every time I see one of your miniatures, I just sit here and stare, awed. I just can't conceive of how it is possible to make such absolutely perfect, lovely and realistic miniatures out of polymer clay. You're a true artist! :)

  38. Congrats for your followers!
    Please count me in!

  39. Thanks for a chance to win your yummy blog candy!
    sorry for my english spero di vincere un saluto dall'Italia bye bye rosa
    public slidebar on
    Hugs, rosa
    i am new follower
    blog creative:
    sarebbe un bel regalo per il mio compleanno che è il 21-10 ciao

  40. I just found your make wonderful things!!! Love the tutorial on fly agaric!
    Would love to join in for the give-away!

  41. well i dont need to say alot.. I think you know I adore your works! :-)

  42. Precioso regalo y felicidades por tu blog es realmente bonito, me encantaria poder participar en tu sorteo.


  43. So amazing gifts! I would love to participated in your lovely giveaway Vaselina,miniregards.

  44. Hi,

    I really wish I m the lucky person to own your beautiful creation.

  45. maybe one of those who failed to write the comment in the wrong place I am ... ah ah!
    I would like to join your give away, I put the link on my blog ...
    I can, although I have no Facebook? thank you so much!

    my blog is starting an international swap Christmas. you want to join? come and read.
    you have until October 24, for registration!

  46. Your giveaway is wonderful!!! I hope i'm in time to join! Kisses, Giulia

  47. Such a nice gift.
    Well, I am a follower, I like to comment, but I do not have facebook and I do not want to join, too much bad experiences. I wish you a lot of fun with the giveaway and good luck to all!

  48. Your work is beautiful!
    I wish I had the eyes to do such tiny work.
    I follow via GFC.
    I joined your FB group (under my name, Piroska).
    pippirose59 at gmail dot com