Thursday, October 21, 2010

Christmas Minis - the beginning / Important on the Giveaway!

Just a quick update of what I've been doing these days. I've been working a lot, I almost feel like a dwarf from Santa's workshop. I decorated a table to display my Christmas minis on, spend a day on peppermint canes, another one on cookies and so on.. I have more interesting stuff of which I didn't take a picture but the good thing is that the batch work is almost done..

I bought some 'Glittering Snow Mix' from a model making shop and tried it right away without thinking much. I hadn't mixed it right and this resulted in something that looks like plaster on the trees. Now I have four 'snowed' trees which will probably also be part of my Christmas display. Not bad but I want very realistic snow. Does anyone know what can I try (of course, except from just mixing the thing right)??
ON THE GIVEAWAY: You need to leave me a comment under the 'Giveaway Post' if you want to be included in the drawing! There were some people who made a mistake and I really hope they see this post. You have a day left!

Исках набързичко да покажа с какво се занимавам тези дни. Украсих една маса, на която да снимам коледните хранички, прекарах цял ден за тези ментови бонбончета, още един за сладките и въобще доста време само за подготовка. Имам още неща, които не успях да снимам, но хубавото е, че тази подготвителна работа почти свърши.
Купих си и смес за сняг и толкова бързо и необмислено я изпробвах, че сега дръвчетата изглеждат като накапани с гипс.. Искам много реалистичен сняг, надявам се да намеря нещо, което да ми свърши работа. Разбира се, мога да опитам и просто да си направя сместа както трябва :D
Държа още един път да кажа, че ако искате да се включите в моето Blog-Candy, трябва да оставите кометнар под поста 'Giveawaaay! Подаръциии!', а не под друг пост. Има хора, които са се объркали. Надявам да видят този пост и да участват до утре!


  1. Son una maravilla las miniaturas que has conseguido para Navidad, seguro que te queda una mesa fantastica.
    besitos ascension

  2. What a wonderful gifts. The snowed trees are so beautiful made... Compliments!!

  3. ¡Todo listo! Tendrás una decoración de Navidad preciosa. Los arboles no están mal, ha habido una gran nevada :)
    Besos Clara

  4. maybe one of those who failed to write the comment in the wrong place I am ... ah ah!
    thank you advised!
    now I wrote the comment in the right place!
    your Christmas scene looks very interesting,
    will I still be here to see the developments ...
    a big kiss and many compliments for the excellent work!

  5. How I wish I could make some nice Christmas things too for my dolls... the table and accessories look really cute!! :)

  6. So many beautiful minis - that's what I call "being prepared for the christmas season" ... I don't know if this can be helpful, but I use simple acrylic hobby paint in white for a snow effect on similiar trees - only a little bit on an almost dry brush.