Wednesday, September 29, 2010

(un)fair time

- Personal struggles; you can skip this -
But I just need to complain.. May be the worst thing that has happened to me for this year in Germany was this story two days ago..
The national television channels and radio in Germany are financed not by advertisement but by the payments of the users. A user is everyone who has a TV set, radio, PC with internet (because of the internet radio and tv), a cell-phone with radio and such. Even if your washing machine has an antenna and can catch radio waves it must be registered and a fee must be paid for it. Pays not the one whom the TV set belongs but the one who watches it. If in one household there is more than one such device the fee is paid only once. You may be exempt from these fees under some circumstances. All of this I learned two days ago..
When a GEZ (Geb├╝hreneinzugszentrale) attendant came home...
I opened the door (mistake first), he started to introduce himself, to show his ID cards and such.. He asked:
I explained with difficulties that he meant my mother, who was having rest at that moment and couldn't go out.
-You haven't registered any device. How old are you? Oh, 20 so you can fill the blanks for her.. You know if you don't let me now you might have to pay very serious fines like 3000 euro..' (lies!!!)
-Uhh, what, alright, come in.. (mistake second. I must remember - only the police has the right to come in like this)
After that he plied me with all sorts of questions - who I am, what I do, where I sleep.. I just told him everything, I'm such a good kid.. Then he decided that I was the user of this TV set in the room where I sleep (which is actually the living room!) and I was the one who must pay the fees for this TV stacked for a year back, since I live here, and six months forward too because only six months after a registration I could claim that I won't use the TV (which must be proved somehow too). And my mother - she will pay separately for her own TV.
I asked him thousand times why is this - this TV is not mine, and the most important I do not have my own income - my miniature firm has not yet brought me any. No, the law was such.. In spite of all our explanations, he was insisting that we aren't right, and was supporting his opinion with some fictitious law quotations. And through tears I put my signature on this stupid blank. I hadn't read it - a BIIIIG MISTAKE.. Because on the backside is written that I do not have to pay anything and there are all the circumstances under which one is exempt from this fee. I would have known that he spoke nonsense all the time...
It could be worse, he was calming me. After that he registered my 'business Internet-PC'.. ?!!?!? :[
Later I understood that these officials receive some very nice premium for every person they register or something like that. I'm not sure about this but it explains well why he was so insolent and insisted on registering my mom and me separately. Disgusting! Most people didn't even oped the door to these guys, because even being absolutely honest, they could find a reason to take your money.. But I did not know this..
All of this just shattered me.. And mostly this feeling that someone fooled you. And still I have some time to write my objection (i'm not sure how it's called in English) and to send it to this GEZ.. Hopefully I won't have to pay for this naivety of mine. ;t This is madness.. Pray for me.

My post was supposed to be for cheerful stuff, state fair and cotton candy.. And still I'll just show you my fair food jewelry. It's fair to have some fair food after all, right? ;]


  1. That's awful, I'm so sorry! Do you think you'll be able to change things back?

  2. :-( oh so sorry my dear...(big big hug)
    these are terrible things !!!
    I wish you Good luck darling
    everything will be fine
    take care!

  3. Oh no! I'm so sorry to hear what happened. I hope that you can get it fixed.

    As always I think your work is so amazing and beautiful, hope you feel happier soon x

  4. I am so sorry to hear this. I hope you get it fixed. I will pray about it as well.
    Mini hugs,

  5. Thank you all for the encouragement!