Monday, July 5, 2010

Tray with Waffles

This is my latest miniature creation. I imagine such tray could be served as a sweet surprise for the beloved one :} I'm really happy how it turned out.
Besides that I finally opened a shop in etsy. I think I'll list mainly my minis there but also some of my jewelry pieces. I haven't thought up yet how to do this in the two shops. I'm afraid to list the same item both in dawanda and etsy though it seems veeery unlikely two people to buy the same product at the same time.. I don't know.. :) I'll figure it out.


  1. Veselina, the tray is so cute! :)
    Welcome to teamMIDS. :)
    I wouldn't list one item in both shops, as it's against the rules at etsy to do so. Or, I think it is... (scratches head)

  2. Thank you! and phh I didn't know that. But it's inconvenient anyway.. :)

  3. yeah, I wouldn't want to take the chance of selling the same item to two different people.

    You might want to read the terms of use over at etsy and you can always use our private clubhouse for any questions you might have. :)

  4. Чудесни миниатюри създаваш. Искрено се възхищавам на таланта ти.
    Преди време и аз преминах през увлечението към къщичките 1:12.

    Имаш награда в блога ми.

  5. Изумителни неща правиш! Ако не знаех какво е щях да помисля, че са истински.