Monday, July 19, 2010

Fried potato knödels and a pinch of nostalgia

This was made for a friend's birthday about ten days ago. I couldn't show it earlier because I didn't want to spoil the surprise :)

These knödels (or may be dumplings?) are very special for me and bring me good memories. Before I moved to Germany and my friends scattered about the world we used to go to a small but lovely restaurant after classes and eat knödels. And yeah, I miss them and miss that time much.. so in honor of the good old days!  ♥ 

Aand I bought a punch on etsy. I just love it! You can make a square, triangle, border and edge, pentagon and hexagon with it. Isn't this unique?! I just had to share with you, people around me seem not to understand my childish joy when I receive supplies :}}


  1. *gasps* WOAHH!!! thank you so much for the recommendation! i think imma faint now. *swoons*

    your friend is very lucky! :D those look scrumptious, even though i have never seen them before in this part of the world :O

  2. WOW Veselina! Your work is amazing!
    You are so talented girl,
    thanks for visit my blog.
    How can I follow your blog?
    I don,t see the followers,
    miniregards from Spain,Sonia.

  3. Hello, dear Sonia and thank you! I usually go to my dashboard and add the addresses which I want to follow. I'll try to find the gadget with the followers and put it here on the page.
    Regards, Veselina

  4. I thought I had posted here. :( Anyhoo! Knodels sound good to me, they look very yummy!

    That hole punch is fabulous! What fun. :)

    Sonia, sometimes there is a bar across the top of the page on the left it says follow.

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