Sunday, July 25, 2010

Morning tray with Croissants

Another morning tray this time with croissants and strawberry jam :}} Why two croissants? One is just not enough at least for me. But I don't like almost any kind of jam and I wouldn't eat them like that - it's just pretty. I eat my croissants with cheese :> Yumm, I'm hungry already.. :}

Monday, July 19, 2010

Fried potato knödels and a pinch of nostalgia

This was made for a friend's birthday about ten days ago. I couldn't show it earlier because I didn't want to spoil the surprise :)

These knödels (or may be dumplings?) are very special for me and bring me good memories. Before I moved to Germany and my friends scattered about the world we used to go to a small but lovely restaurant after classes and eat knödels. And yeah, I miss them and miss that time much.. so in honor of the good old days!  ♥ 

Aand I bought a punch on etsy. I just love it! You can make a square, triangle, border and edge, pentagon and hexagon with it. Isn't this unique?! I just had to share with you, people around me seem not to understand my childish joy when I receive supplies :}}

Saturday, July 17, 2010

New Background

I managed to make my own blog background!! The cheerful dots didn't suit me very much. In my opinion it still needs a few touches but now it's ok too. And please, tell me you see it right!! ;?

Now the credits:
Lace Brushes by Shiranui - my favourite brushes!

Textures by: struckdumb and bashcorpo

Vintage images by The Vintage Moth

Header by Karen The Background Fairy

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Награда!! An Award!

Получих наградка! Иволина,  много ти благодаря за нея и за хубавите думи. А ето ги и правилата:
1. Каква беше първата ви картичка? Ако имате възможност, покажете я!
2. Коя картичка от сътворените от вас харесвате най- много? Покажете ни я!
3. Изпратете наградата на 5 блога.

По принцип не правя много картички. Обикновено с подарък правя и картичка, която да съвпада с опаковката и съдържанието, а също така и за хората, които си поръчат нещо от мен (тук). И все пак...

1. Първата картичка:
Бяха всъщност две - за мама и тате. Била съм на около 7 години мисля. Помня, че бях прекопирала картинки с индиго и ги бях оцветила с моливи. На картичките пишеше 'Обичам те, мамо/тате'
2. Любимата картичка:
Засега това е тази с маковете.
3. Ето ги и любимите ми картичкомайсторки:
- Гери 'Arcadia'
- Данка 'Цветни Фантазии'
- Злати 'Simply Perfect'
- Рали 'Майсторийките на Рали'
- Рачето 'Лято, скрапбукинг и още нещо'

I received an award! Thank you for this, Ivolina and thank you for the nice words :) Here are the rules:
1. What was the first card you made? Show it if you can!
2. Which is the card that you like most of these you created? Show it!
3. Give the award to 5 bloggers.

Well, I don't make much cards as a whole - you know my recent obsession.. But usually when I give a present I make also a card to match the wrapping and the content. I make also cards for people who buy from me (example). And yet..

1. My first card:
They were actually two - for mom and dad. I must have been about 7 yrs old I think. I remember that I copied some pictures with carbon paper and colored them. On the cards was written 'I love you mum/dad'
2. My favourite card:
To this moment it's the one with the poppies.
3. Here are my favourite card makers :)
- Geri 
- Danka
- Zlati
- Rali
- Racheto

Monday, July 5, 2010

Tray with Waffles

This is my latest miniature creation. I imagine such tray could be served as a sweet surprise for the beloved one :} I'm really happy how it turned out.
Besides that I finally opened a shop in etsy. I think I'll list mainly my minis there but also some of my jewelry pieces. I haven't thought up yet how to do this in the two shops. I'm afraid to list the same item both in dawanda and etsy though it seems veeery unlikely two people to buy the same product at the same time.. I don't know.. :) I'll figure it out.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Basket of Peaches

Just a basket of peaches. You know, as usual it is in 1:12 scale and handmade from polymer clay. The basket is bought but repainted by me. I am in such mood that I want everything shabby and distressed.. even the baskets! 

Кошница с праскови както обикновено в мащаб 1:12. Прасковите са изработени от полимерна глина, a кошничката е купена и пребоядисана - в такова настроение съм, че искам всичко да има остарял и изтъркан вид... :)