Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Pink Roses and Chocolate Truffles

Finally another miniature appeared. Pink roses and chocolate truffles for the 1:12 scale dollhouse. The glass stand for the truffles is from Belgora Glasdesign and the vase for the roses is an ordinary kitchen jar. The roses and their leaves are made of clay. For the stems I used wire and painted it with acrylics ;)


  1. Those roses are so beautiful and delicate, I think you must use magic to create such tiny things :D

  2. I have you added on my deviant art also and the stuff you make keeps amazing me.

  3. Веси, наистина съм впечатлена от всичко, което правиш! Ама с тази роза направо ме разби!!!! Как го сътвори това миниатюрно цветче? Невероятна работа.....прелестна е розичката!!!!