Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Fruity pendants and earrings

I made this long time ago but had to rework it. So this is the new picture. What I changed was the hook. I had to replace the eyepin with a headpin, otherwise the pendant slips off in a moment. I realized that the most inappropriate way - when I was showing someone what I do, the tart (similar one) just fell from my chain. After that I felt a little embarrased and reworked everything :D

I'm not sure what these really are. They don't look like fruit tarts but more like cakes with fruits on top. The earrings I'll keep for myself, the others I'll list in the future shop.


  1. They look good! Did you make those canes?

  2. Thanks :) The slices on the first tart are bought (I made only the bananas). And on the second and thirs picture all the canes are mine.

  3. They look really great! Good cane work, I've never been able to get my canes quite right :).