Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Pink Roses and Chocolate Truffles

Finally another miniature appeared. Pink roses and chocolate truffles for the 1:12 scale dollhouse. The glass stand for the truffles is from Belgora Glasdesign and the vase for the roses is an ordinary kitchen jar. The roses and their leaves are made of clay. For the stems I used wire and painted it with acrylics ;)

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Ice Cream Pendants

Hey hey! I had a really nice weekend and my second order made me happy! Except for that I finally finished working on the ice cream pendants. The making was fun but the pictures are always tiresome.

I usually take about 50 pictures of one item because more than two thirds of them are crappy and unfocused. Then I choose the good ones, brighten them up, fix the colors (because I have terrible light in my room sometimes), center them and so on.. It takes long before I can show you what I've done. I'm so slow with pictures..

Hm I still have a hundred to fix! :D But first I'll get some sleep.. ;) 

Хей, здравейте отново! Прекарах един хубав уикенд и съм щастлива от втората си поръчка. Освен това най-накрая приключих със сладоледите-висулки. Работата си беше приятна, разбира се, но снимките са винаги изморителни.

Обикновено правя около 50 снимки на едно нещо, защото повече от две трети от тях не стават за нищо. След това избирам добрите, изсветлявам ги, оправям им цветовете (защото светлината в стаята ми е ужасна понякога), центрирам ги и тн. Отнема дълго време преди да мога да ви покажа какво съм направила. Бавна съм със снимките.. 

Даже имам още стотина за оправяне! :D Ноoo първо ще поспя.. ;) 

Поздрав най-сърдечен,


Friday, June 25, 2010

American Robin's Nest

I think I have already told you I have some affinity to birds. They are a great inspiration for me.
This one lays the most beautiful eggs I've ever seen. What a color! I am just awestruck by the genius of the Creator!
And it's such a pity that I can't see this birdie  where I live.  
On the last picture you can see my version of the robin's nest  as jewelry pendant and a ring.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Baked Oysters with Cheese

These baked oysters with cheese are probably the first savoury dollhouse dish I make. Next time I want to make some raw ones and to change the shells a little :)
I'll probably list them in etsy when I eventually start this shop. I haven't seen many minis in Dawanda and I think there is no point to list them there as I barely have any page views ;P
What else I could say.. I am working on one thousand projects at the same time and my head is full of ideas. I'll show you soon :)

Friday, June 18, 2010

Miniature drawer and a new shop

My miniature drawer is ready!! It is made of real wood and painted in shabby chic style. The drawers open not as slightly as I wish but I'm still satisfied. I imagine it with a telephone and a vase with flowers.

For a pity I couldn't use wood of high quality - this one is balsa wood and it's kind of corky and too soft but it's the only one I had. Actually its disadvantages make it so easy to work with at home (without the proper tools). However, this is my first try to make dollhouse furniture and I enjoyed it much. I am definitely going to try it again when I have time and more supplies.

I started a DaWanda shop these days and I'm busy listing all the stuff I have made.. I feel a little tense about it. I hope it works fine ;)

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Fruit Salad - preparation board

As you can see I am in a mood for fruit salads :D This one will be with cherries, tangerines, strawberries, grapes, kiwi and banana. If I only ate as much fruits as I make in miniature..! This time I used a wine glass for the size-reference; you can see the last picture.

I made the fruits for this prep board and for the fruit salad (from the previous post) at the same time so I have no pictures from the process again.. For the tangerines I used Yoyo's tutorial to which I came accross while browsing Snowfern's wonderful blog. (I don't speak japanese, I used Google..)
As a whole I can't say I made any innovations except for the kiwi but there's no point to explain as I have no pictures and probably it won't be clear at all:[ May be next time.

Meanwhile I made my registration and now I have a firm. Congratulations to me ;D The procedure wasn't hard at all (took only 5 minutes) but let us see now how it will go on.. :}

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Fruit Salad

Miniature fruit salad with cream in 1:12 scale again. The dish is also made by me. You can see the process here.
I managed to arrange the fruits yesterday though I started to make them little by little (literally) about a week ago.. :D And inspite of the fact that I shot direct in the sunlight I think the picture turned out nice  :))

Миниатюрна плодова салата отново в мащаб 1:12. Чинията също е мое производство. Можете да видите как я направих тук.
Успях да наредя плодовете вчера, въпреки че започнах да ги правя малко по малко (буквално) преди около седмица.. ;D И въпреки че снимах директно в слънчевата светлина смятам, че се получи хубава снимка :))

Friday, June 11, 2010

In outer space

Въпреки че това е блог за миниатюри ще си позволя да ви заведа за малко в безвъздушното пространство. Моят малък брат (8г.) много обича да рисува в Paint и винаги ме удивява. Исках просто да ви покажа някои от любимите ми негови рисунки, а смятам че и той самият ще се радва да ги види тук :D

Although this is a blog about miniatures I am going to allow myself to take you in outer space for a while. My little brother, 8 yrs old, loves to draw in Paint and always fascinates me. I just wanted to show you my favourites of his drawings and I believe he will also be glad to see them here.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Miniature glass and a drawer

Look what I received yesterday from Belgora Glasdesign. Aren't they just wonderful!

And I tried to build a miniature drawer these days. Eventually I managed to but it needs a good paint. And probably a bit more sanding.. :))

Monday, June 7, 2010

Pound Cake preparation board

Миниатюра в мащаб 1:12 представяща приготвянето на шоколадов кекс. Чинийката, формата за кекс, лъжицата и кутията са купени, останалото е ръчно направено. Използвах каквото и друг път - полимерна глина, хартия, дърво, плат, акрилни бои.. 

This is a dollhouse miniature in 1:12 scale presenting the preparation of chocolate pound cake. Everything except the dish, cake-form, little spoon and box is handmade. I used what I usually do - polymer clay, paper, wood, cloth, acrylic paints...

С тази миниатюра реших да участвам в предизвикателството на Двете елши. Темата е 'Кухнята'. Като я видях просто не можах да се сдържа. Първоначално мислех да опитам да направя картичка, но прочетох, че мога да участвам и с проект. Та ето го моят.

With this miniature I decided to participate in the Challenge of Dvete elshi. The theme is 'Kitchen' and I just couldn't resist. At first I thought to try making a card but then I read that I could participate with a project too. So here is mine.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Making my own dishes

Before starting with minis I used to make pendants from clay (not polymer). I sanded them a long time until they have smooth surface and regular shape and painted over them. You can see them in my DeviantArt Gallery. In my town in Bulgaria I could buy only this brand but I was very satisfied with it. I could sand the plates thin and they weren't too breakable. I would use the same in the following experiment if I could find it in the local stores. However, I bought this Fimo Air Dry. On the package is written that it doesn't require firing and resembles china clay - it sounded good and I decided to try it.

I used all the dishes that I had as well as a marble and my painting brushes as moulds. The brushes I used because I also wanted to make cups.

After 24 hours the clay was dry and I could keep working. It was terribly hard to take the dishes out of the moulds - you can see the battlefield! Many of them were broken. I'm not sure if the clay was too soft, or I need to put something between the mould and the dish to prevent it from sticking.. Next time I'll think up something.

Then I started sanding what I could save. Sanding, sanding, sanding...

And I think in the end it turned out well :) I painted a few white and varnished them. The others I'll paint later when I need a dish with some specific colour.

I made also these shabby boards today and shot them just for the record.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Fruity pendants and earrings

I made this long time ago but had to rework it. So this is the new picture. What I changed was the hook. I had to replace the eyepin with a headpin, otherwise the pendant slips off in a moment. I realized that the most inappropriate way - when I was showing someone what I do, the tart (similar one) just fell from my chain. After that I felt a little embarrased and reworked everything :D

I'm not sure what these really are. They don't look like fruit tarts but more like cakes with fruits on top. The earrings I'll keep for myself, the others I'll list in the future shop.