Thursday, May 27, 2010

Green Grapes

Green Grapes - just to try it. Made a few days ago and since then I haven't touched polymer clay. I feel a little discouraged.. If I want to sell in Germany I need to have a registration, firm, accounancy, probably software... So I'm reading about book-keeping and taxes, visited a seminar, write e-mails with questions and still the matter is obscure to me. I can't believe that I need to go through this for a simple etsy shop. Clearly as I sell I have to pay taxes but it just seems 'a little' complicated.

My main goal at this point is to take the exams in german and to become a student. But I cannot imagine to stop working on minis, cards, to stop working with my hands.

And wihtout this final stage of selling/giving/presenting a piece to a customer/friend/viewer does not the whole process lose a part of its purpose?

However, I wanted to show you my workplace. My miniature bakery is in the living room on this table. I also have about 12 boxes spread around the room. I dream for a huge desk.. or an atelier! :}


  1. Don't get too discouraged, it would be a shame if the world couldn't buy your wonderfil minis!

  2. Боже,като истинско!голяма майсторка си!

  3. Рачето, благодаря много!
    Lorraine, thanks to you too!

  4. Прекрасни са нещата , които създаваш ! Очарована съм ! Добре че открих блога ти !

  5. Don't get discouraged, you're an artist and you have golden hands! Keep trying to get your shop because you're so talented that I don't think it would be fair that people lose the chance to get your miniatures and you lose the chance to live from this little magic hobby! <3